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  1. L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, S. Pisoni, S. Buecheler, A. N. Tiwari, K. Zimmer,
    Morphology and topography of perovskite solar cell films ablated and scribed with short and ultrashort laser pulses
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 416 (2017) 112-117

  2. P. Lorenz, J. Zajadacz, M. Ehrhardt, L. Bayer, K. Zimmer,
    Pattern transfer, self-organized surface nanostructuring, and nanodrilling of sapphire using nanosecond laser irradiation
    Paper Nr. 97361K, Laser-based Micro- and Nanoprocessing X, SPIE Proceedings, San Fransisco, 04.03. (2017)

  3. L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, M. Mäser, N. Kechagias, K. Zimmer,
    Large-area picosecond laser-induced periodic surface structure (LIPSS) on chromium
    Paper Nr. 11283 , LANE 2016 - 9th International Conference on Photonic Technologies, Fürth, Deutschland, 22.09.2016 (2016)

  4. P. Lorenz, C. Grüner, M. Ehrhardt, L. Bayer, K. Zimmer,
    Nanostructuring of Fused Silica Assisted by Laser-shaped Metal Triangles Using a Nanosecond Laser
    Physics Procedia 83 (2016) 62-73

  5. M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, I. Zagoranskiy, K. Zimmer,
    Laser Patterning of CIGS thin Films with 1550 nm Nanosecond Laser Pulses
    Physics Procedia 83 (2016) 74-82

  6. P. Lorenz, M. Ehrhardt, L. Bayer, K. Zimmer,
    Shock-wave-induced Thin-film Delamination (SWIFD): A Non-thermal Structuring Method of Functional Layers
    Physics Procedia 83 (2016) 240-248

  7. M. Ehrhardt, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, C. Molpeceres, C. A. H. Ramirez, K. Zimmer,
    Selective structuring of multi-layer functional thin films using a laser-induced shockwave delamination process
    Paper Nr. 973503, Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XX, SPIE, San Fransisco, 14.3 (2016)

  8. P. Lorenz, J. Zajadacz, L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, K. Zimmer,
    Nanodrilling of fused silica using nanosecond laser radiation
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 351 (2015) 935-945

  9. P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, K. Zimmer, L. Engisch,
    Nanosecond laser-induced ablation and laser-induced shockwave structuring of polymer foils down to sub-¼m patterns
    Photonics West 2015, Proc. of SPIE, San Francisco, 07.-12.02. (2015) 935119-11

  10. K. Zimmer, X. Wang, P. Lorenz, L. Bayer, M. Ehrhardt, C. Scheit, A. Braun,
    In-process Evaluation of Electrical Properties of CIGS Solar Cells Scribed with Laser Pulses of Different Pulse Lengths
    Physics Procedia 56 (2014) 1024-1033

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