Analytical Electron Microscopy of Phase Change Materials


The Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM), Permoserstr. 15, Leipzig, Germany, is seeking
a Research Assistant (Ph.D. student) within the research group “Switching with Light”. Specifically,
the scientist is offered to work in the field

Analytical Electron Microscopy of Phase Change Materials

Project and Tasks:
The project aims to study the real structure of thin films of Ge-Sb-Te-based phase change materials. Particular emphasis is on the investigations of the local structure, defects and local composition, as well as interface properties to the substrate, with atomic resolution using state-of-the-art transmission electron microscopy methods. In-situ observations on optically induced phase transitions are planned. The successful candidate will work on an aberration-corrected STEM. TEM specimen preparation will be done by a combination of focused high-energy gallium and low-energy argon ion beam milling.
Earning a PhD degree is encouraged and expected.


  • Diploma/Master degree in physics, chemistry, materials science or crystallography
  • Practical experience in at least one of the following fields: electron microscopy, thin film growth, XRD, nanotechnology
  • Good oral and written English language skills
  • Programming skills are desirable

Salary is offered according to E 13 TV-L (50% of regular work time)

Worktime and Employment Period
The working time is 20 h per week. This is a term position limited to 3 years.