Ph.D. project

[Translate to Englisch:] 01/Physik/01-2018

The Leibniz-Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM), Permoserstr.15, in Leipzig, invites applications for a

Ph.D. project


“Plasma assisted synthesis of nanoalloy particles with magnetic-core inert-shell structure - experiments and/or modeling”

Aims of the project:
Metallic nanoparticles, that are composed of a magnetic core and an inert shell bear an enormous potential for applications in numerous fields, including life sciences. Employing a novel plasma-assisted inert gas condensation approach, such particles can be synthesized with highly tunable sizes, shapes and biofunctionalization.
Yet, the physics underlying formation of phase, shape and structure is still insufficiently understood.
The present project aims to clarify these aspects on a fundamental level for exemplary binary metal alloys, including permalloy and the iron-gold system, using systematic experiments and / or atomistic computer simulations (Molecular Dynamics and Monte-Carlo simulations). In doing so, the following aspects will be addressed: i) structure, phase and shape of the nanoparticles, ii) reaction kinetics, iii) role of energetic processes.

Outstanding candidates with a strong background in physics, materials science, chemistry or related disciplines and (in the case of computer modeling) programming skills are encouraged to apply. A complete M.Sc. / Diploma degree, as well as fluency in English are prerequisite.

The position will be filled for 2 years with the option of renewal. Salary will be on the German TV-L 13

Working hours:
Working hours comply with the German TV-L regulations - 20 h/week (1/2 position).