Dipl.-Phys. Fred Pietag

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter / Nichtkonventionelle Ultrapräzisions-Oberflächenbearbeitung / Physikalische Abteilung

Leibniz-Institut für Oberflächenmodifizierung e. V.
Permoserstr. 15 / D-04318 / Leipzig /

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  1. A. Lehmann, F. Pietag, Th. Arnold,
    Human health risk evaluation of a microwave-driven atmospheric plasma jet as medical device
    Clin. Plasma Med. 7-8 (2017) 16-23

  2. Th Arnold, F. Pietag, G.Bartl, T. Mai, A. Nicolaus,
    Ion beam assisted sphericity error correction of Si spheres as new kg artefacts
    Paper Nr. O5.3, Proceedings of EUSPEN 17th International Conference, Hannover, 29.05.-02.06. (2017) 323

  3. S. Germer, F. Pietag, J. Polak, and Th. Arnold,
    Quantitative low-energy ion beam characterization by beam profiling and imaging via scintillation screens
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 87 (2016)

  4. F. Pietag, Th. Arnold,
    Ultra-precision surface finishing using pulsed ion beams
    Proceedings of EUSPEN International Conference 2015, Leuven, Belguim, 01.-05.06. (2015) 361

  5. Th. Arnold, F. Pietag,
    Ion beam figuring machine for ultra-precision silicon spheres correction
    Precision Engineering 41 (2015) 119-125

  6. Th. Arnold, G. Boehm, H. Paetzelt, F. Pietag,
    Ion beam and plasma jet based methods in ultra-precision optics manufacturing
    Proc. SPIE, Optics and Measurement Conference 2014 9442 (2015) 944204

  7. Th. Arnold, F. Pietag,
    eterministic ion beam figuring of Si spheres
    Paper Nr. O6.1, EUSPEN 14th International Conference, Dubrovnik, 2.-6.6. (2014) 23V2

  8. H. Paetzelt, Th. Arnold, G. Böhm, F. Pietag, A. Schindler,
    Surface Patterning by Local Plasma Jet Sacrificial Oxidation of Silicon
    Plasma Process. Polym. 10 (2013) 416-421

  9. J. Dienelt, K. Otte, K. Zimmer, F. Pietag, F. Bigl ,
    Fabrication of surface gratings in GaAs and AlGaAs by electron beam lithography and chemically assisted ion beam etching
    Proc. of the SPIE (EUROPTO Conf. On Optical Fabrication and Testing 1999) 3739 (1999) 195-205

  10. F. Pietag, R. Schwabe V. Gottschalch, M. DiVentra, A. Bitz, J.L. Staehli ,
    Ultrathin GaAs layers embedded in AlAs: a perspective for intense short wavelength emission
    Microelectronic Engineering 43-44 (1998) 561-565

  11. A. Bitz, M. Di Ventra, A. Baldereschi, J.L. Staehli, F. Pietag, V. Gottschalch, H. Rhan, R. Schwabe ,
    Optical properties of ultra-thin GaAs layers embedded in AlxGa1-xAs
    Phys. Rev. B. 57 (1998) 2426-2430

  12. L.C. Andreani, R.C. Lotti, R. Schwabe, F. Pietag, V. Gottschalch, A. Bitz, J.-L. Staehli ,
    Minimum of oscillator strength of excitons in ultrra-narrow GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells: Theory and experiment
    Physica E 2 (1998) 151-155

  13. R. Schwabe, V. Gottschalch, F. Pietag, K. Unger, M. Di Ventra, A.Bitz, J.L. Staehli ,
    Ultrathin GaAs layers embedded in AlAs: The observation of intense short-wavelength emission
    phys. stat. sol. (a) 164 (1997) 165-168

  14. R. Schwabe, F. Pietag, V. Gottschalch, G. Wagner, M. Di Ventra, A. Bitz, J.L. Staehli ,
    Blue luminescence from ultrathin GaAs layers embedded in AlAs
    Phys. Rev. B 56 (1997) R4329-R4332

  15. V. Gottschalch, R. Schwabe, F. Pietag, G. Wagner, R. Franzheld, I. Pietzonka, S. Kriegel, D. Hirsch ,
    Organometallic vapour-phase growth of InAs monolayer structures on (001)GaAs
    Proc. EW-MOVPE VI, Gent, 25.-28.06.1995 (1995)

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