Material characterization and Analytical service

The interdepartment group “Material characterization and Analytical service” gathers the analytical capabilities of both departments at the IOM. The experimental infrastructure comprises a broad portfolio of instrumental methods to allow a comprehensive physical and chemical characterization of materials. A main focus is set to surface-related analytical techniques. Therefor imaging methods show a huge versatility together with a high performance. Several additional techniques are available for the determination of the elemental and the chemical composition, the analysis of molecular, crystalline, and phase conditions as well as to characterize functional properties of materials.

Surface Analytics


Material Characterization

Material Composition
Phase Analysis
Thermal Analysis

Molecular Structure

Structure Determination
Substance Separation
Mass Spectrometry

Analysis of Crystalline Solids

Crystalline structure / Texture
Orientation/Phase Distribution
Real Structure

Analysis of Functional Material Properties

ptical Properties
Viscoelastic Properties
Thin Film Characterization