DFG - Priority Program 1681


Hybrid hydrogel/magnetic nanoparticle composites are expected to exhibit large reversible shape changes when exposed to appropriate external magnetic fields. Combining properties of soft and hard matter, these new “smart” materials show great promise for a plethora of applications in biomedical sciences, like cell stretching or stimulated tissue regeneration. Within the present project we utilize aspheric inert shell - magnetic core nanoparticles, which are synthesized by pre-seeded inert gas condensation. Employing
suitable magnetic fields, they are subsequently dispersed in a gelatin matrix in a way, that the torque on particles in a homogeneous magnetic field ends up in a net deformation of the matrix – once rigidly arrested by radiation induced cross-linking and/or thiolization.
Extensive biocompatibility and biodegradation assessments will finally be performed in order to demonstrate the suitability for biological environments.