Barrier layers and functional/ structured surfaces

The group deals with technological applications of light-induced polymerisation reactions for depositing thin films and coatings. Usage of highly energetic UV-radiation as an initiator enables low processing temperatures, the tuning of layer properties and a lateral structuring of the films.

Fundamental investigations of excitation mechanisms and analysis of reaction products enable us to establish parameter effect relations. Analytical methods for characterization of the prepared layers comprise fundamental analyses of chemical composition, morphology and structure (XPS, ATR-IR, XRD, XRR, REM, UV-Vis) as well as application relevant methods. Various methods of UV-induced modification of organic and inorganic substrates, e. g. of polymers, textile fibres and metals are also available.

Starting from feasibility studies technologies can be developed together with industrial partners up to production relevant processes. Please contact us to discuss your R&D-needs or technological problems as well as to arrange an on-site appointment!