Barrier layers and functional/ structured surfaces

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Printing cylinder with nanocomposite surface and laser engraved microstructure
Functional (Im)prints
Functional (Im)prints

UV-Curable polymers and composites for laser microstructuring

Tailor-made, liquid-to-apply, UV-curable organic and hybrid polymer coatings are developed that can be laser-structured flexibly, with little damage and with high resolution. The chemically variable polymers offer many advantages:

  • Application with conventional coating, printing or impression technologies in economic endless processes
  • Fast curing
  • UV and abrasion resistant
  • Free form laser structuring for various functionalities

One exemplary application is the development of novel polymeric cylinder surfaces, which can be used as image carriers in printing and impression processes. Characterization of the surfaces is possible both topographically, chemically and with respect to different material properties.



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