Barrier layers and functional/ structured surfaces

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R2R-coater for flexible substrates up to 600 mm web widths
Flexible solar cell encapsulated by gas permeation barrier laminates

Silicon(IV) Oxide Thin Films for Flexible Transparent High Gas Permeation Barriers

With the help of UV-initiated reactions silicon(IV) oxide thin films are deposited for incorporation within encapsulating films for inorganic thin film photovoltaic modules. Based on that further development aims at applications within OLED or OPV cells.

Selected R&D deals with:

  • Investigations of kinetics and mechanisms of the photochemical conversion of silazanes into amorphous Si-O-Si-networks
  • Development of barrier films containing a polymeric substrate and an silicon(IV) oxide thin film (ca. 100 nm thick)
  • Transfer of film deposition into technical scale as R2R technology
  • Development of flexible high barrier encapsulation laminates for thin film photovoltaics and OLEDs

IOM Application Center

Selected Publications 

  • L. Prager, U. Helmstedt, H. Herrnberger, O. Kahle, F. Kita, M. Münch, A. Pender, A. Prager, and M. Stasiak
    Photochemical Approach to Thin Barrier Films for the Encapsulation of Flexible Laminar Electronic Devices
    Thin Solid Films 2014, 570, 87
  • W. Knolle;  L. Wennrich; S. Naumov; K. Czihal; L. Prager; D. Decker; M. R. Buchmeiser
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    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2010, 12, 2380
  • L. Prager, A. Dierdorf, H. Liebe, S. Naumov, S. Stojanović, R. Heller, L. Wennrich, M. R. Buchmeiser Conversion of Perhydropolysilazane into a SiOx Network Triggered by Vacuum Ultraviolet Irradiation: Access to Flexible, Transparent Barrier Coatings
    Chemistry A European Journal 2007, 13, 8522