Switchable Surfaces and Spintronics

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Metal complexes and coordination clusters


  • Synthesis of organic chelating agents and their compounds with dia- and paramagnetic metal ions toward stable and processable materials

  • Spectroscopic, spectrometric, thermal, electrochemical, magnetic and crystallographic studies

  • Spin coating and nanoscale imaging



    Selected publications


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    • S. Schmitz, J. van Leusen, A. Ellern, P. Kögerler, K. Yu. Monakhov
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    • S. Schmitz, J. van Leusen, N. V. Izarova, Y. Lan, W. Wernsdorfer, P. Kögerler, K. Yu. Monakhov
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    • V. Heβ, F. Matthes, D. E. Bürgler, K. Yu. Monakhov, C. Besson, P. Kögerler, A. Ghisolfi, P. Braunstein, C. M. Schneider
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    • A. Ghisolfi, K. Yu. Monakhov, R. Pattacini, P. Braunstein, X. López, C. de Graaf, M. Speldrich, J. van Leusen, H. Schilder, P. Kögerler
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