Switchable Surfaces and Spintronics

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Polyoxometalates and their assemblies

  • Synthesis and characterization in aqueous and anhydrous solutions and in the solid state

  • Supramolecular chemistry and chemical derivatization with organic and inorganic functional groups

  • Spin coating and nanoscale imaging


Selected Publications

  • M. Glöß, R. Pütt, M. Moors, E. Kentzinger, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, K. Yu. Monakhov
    Interplaying the amphipathic polyoxometalate interactions in solution and at solid–liquid interfaces: A toolbox for the technical application
    Nanoscale (2019) 11, 4267–4277

  • O. Linnenberg, M. Moors, A. Notario-Estévez, X. López, C. de Graaf, S. Peter, C. Bäumer, R. Waser, K. Yu. Monakhov
    Addressing multiple resistive states of polyoxovanadates: Conductivity as a function of individual molecular redox states
    J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2018) 140, 16635–16640

  • O. Linnenberg, L. Mayerl, K. Yu. Monakhov
    The Heck reaction as a tool to expand polyoxovanadates towards thiol-sensitive organic-inorganic hybrid fluorescent switches
    Dalton Trans. (2018) 47, 14402–14407

  • O. Linnenberg, M. Moors, A. Solé-Daura, X. López, C. Bäumer, E. Kentzinger, W. Pyckhout-Hintzen, K. Yu. Monakhov
    Molecular characteristics of a mixed-valence polyoxovanadate {VIV/V18O42} in solution and at the liquid-surface interface
    J. Phys. Chem. C (2017) 121, 10419–10429

  • O. Linnenberg, P. Kozłowski, C. Besson, J. van Leusen, U. Englert, K. Yu. Monakhov
    A V16-type polyoxovanadate structure with intricate electronic distribution: Insights from magnetochemistry
    Cryst. Growth Des. (2017) 17, 2342–2350