Instrumental analytics and process control

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Process control

In the Process Control team, powerful me­thods for in-line monitoring by near-infrared (NIR) spec­tro­scopy as well as by photoacoustics are developed, which are suited for both pro­cess and quality con­trol in industrial coating, printing, lamination and similar applications. These methods can be used for example for monitoring of conversion and thickness of UV-cured and other coat­ings as well as for thin printed layers or for surface finishing processes of textiles. Moreover, hyperspectral cameras allow the recording of spatial distributions of chemical parameters (chemical or spectral imaging) on macroscopic length scales. Quantitative analysis of the spectral data is generally carried out by sophisticated che­mo­metric eva­­lu­ation tools. The suitability and the potential of the new methods for in-line mo­ni­toring in technical coating and printing processes is demon­strat­ed under con­di­tions close to those in commercial processes by attaching the spec­trom­eter systems to various pilot lines at IOM or contractual partners.

Selected publications

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