Photons, Electrons and Particles in Interactions with Surfaces and Interfaces

The main focus of this research topic are fundamental investigations in the interactions of light (from XUV to NIR) and electrons with surfaces and interfaces. This covers the study of photo-induced processes such as electron- and energy-transfer as well as the excitation formation in molecular, particulate and molecular-particulate hybrid systems. Complementary to the study of light induced processes, high energy electron irradiation in terms of electron pulse radiolysis and electron beam radiolysis is employed to engineer surfaces, modify nanomaterials and investigate reactions of highly reactive intermediates with matter, in particular organic and inorganic nanomaterials. At the forefront of these investigations, are the engineering and surface functionalization of novel carbon allotropes such as graphene / graphene oxide, carbon nanoparticles and nanodiamonds. Photoelectron emission microscopy (PEEM) and time resolved Laser-PEEM studies are completing our investigations. A particular focus is set on the morphology mapping of organic-semiconductors and the impact of the morphology on excited state lifetimes of these organic-semiconductors.

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