Department of Precision Surfaces

Research and development of the department of Precision Surfaces of the IOM Leipzig focus on the fabrication and modification of surfaces and thin films of various materials. The techniques used are ion- and laser beam- as well as plasma-based. The aim is to create surfaces and thin films that are useful in specialized applications. Apart from the required setups for the modification of materials, employees of the IOM can also resort to a vast number of appliances for the analysis of structure, topography and composition as well as the determination of mechanical, optical or electrical properties of surfaces and thin films.  

Apart from working on topics in the field of basic research the employees are also involved in various projects of technology and development transfer, especially to companies from optical industries, microelectronics and mechanical engineering.

Research and Development Foci of the Department of Precision Surfaces:

The focus is on the development of special beam tools, in particular plasma and ion beam sources, which support or enable a unique approach to surface modification including shaping, smoothing, structuring, layer deposition and functionalization.

Plasma jet at atmospheric pressure
Metal and gas plasma sources
Ion source development and applications

The research and development work concentrates on the basics of ion- and laser-stimulated deposition and modification of selected inorganic layers as well as micro- and nanostructures with these methods and their characterization by electron microscopic and other high-resolution methods.

Non-thermal deposition of films and structures
Nanostructure research and electron microscopy
Modification of surfaces and biomaterials with energetic particles

The fundamentals and applications of ion beam, laser beam and plasma-assisted processes for large-area precision patterning and smoothing as well as for structure generation and structure transfer in the micrometer and nanometer range are the focal points of the research and development work.

Ultra-precision figuring with plasmas and ions
Ion beam assisted patterning and smoothing
Micro- and nanostructuring with lasers