Micro- and Nanostructuring with Lasers

Energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy image of a copper-indium-gallium-diselenid (CIGS) solar cell, with molybdenum back-contact and ITO front-contact, structured by picosecond laser irradiation.

This group works on the development of laser induced processes for the modification and structuring of surfaces and thin films, for use in micro- and nanotechnology. Apart from looking into the physical properties of laser deposition, the process itself is further optimized (low structural depth, precise determination of the ablation depth, selective layer ablation, lowest possible structural damage of materials and components).
This modification and structuring is carried out by the use of ultra-short laser pulses which excite non‑thermal laser photon-material interactions. 
This method represents a novel approach to the fabrication and processing of materials.

Apart from laser ablation, innovative laser induced processes for the creation of micro- and nanostructures as well as material modifications are increasingly used.

Selected Publications

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