Ion source development and applications

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Formation of CrN during nitriding of steel: HAADF-STEM image taken from the top (a), and Cr and Fe composite image (b), and two dimensional elemental map of nitrogen (c).
2D contour plot of in-situ XRD measurements during low-energy ion implantation of nitrogen in steel AISI 304
Temporal evolution of primary current, energy flux and sample temperature for oxidized alloy AZ91 during sputtering with pulsed Ar ion bombardment (3 kV, 5 kHz, 15 µs PIII pulse duration). At roughly 52 minutes, the ion bombardment was stopped and the substrate was cooling off without PIII or background plasma.

Fundamentals of ion-solid interaction

For a deeper understanding of the interaction of energetic ions with surfaces, fundamental studies, for example, the determination of the ion beam sputter yield of material and its dependence on ion type, energy and angle of incidence are performed. Besides the investigation of bulk samples, the integral sputter yield of thin foils can be determined with high precision. In addition, an in-situ XRD setup allows to study the time evolution of the sputter yield. The combination of ion beam sputter erosion of material and in-situ XRD allows the depth profiling of the material‘s phase composition with excellent depth resolution of ~25 nm. Furthermore, unconventional, time-resolved in-situ diagnostics are employed to gain a deeper understanding of plasma-based processes at surfaces.

  • Determination of ion beam sputter yield of material and its dependence on ion type, energy and angle of incidence
  • Determination of the time evolution of ion beam sputter yield of foils
  • Study of phase change processes during ion bombardment using in-situ XRD
  • Study of plasma-based processes using unconventional, time-resolved in-situ diagnostics (optical emission, secondary electrons, thermal probe, …)


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