Ion source development and applications

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200 kV broad beam high current implanter IMC 200 from Ion Beam Systems (IBS).
SEM image of graphene transferred onto SiO2/Si. For the synthesis, carbon ions were implanted into a copper foil. The individual graphene domains are highlighted.
System under construction for deterministic ion implantation based on a Raith ionLINE FIB system equipped with an electron beam ion source (EBIS) from Dreebit GmbH.

Ion implantation

For doping, engineering and synthesis of materials conventional broad beam ion implantation with ion energies between 50 eV and 200 keV as well as plasma immersion ion implantation is employed. In addition, the maskless implantation of single ions using a highly focussed ion beam is currently under development, for example, for sensing applications with single atoms. For this purpose, a commercial FIB was equipped with an electron beam ion source (EBIS). In future it is planned to perform the implantation deterministically, i.e. to count each ion. Studies of suitable detection technologies are currently under way in collaboration with the Universität Leipzig.

  • High-current broad beam ion implantation with up to 200 keV for doping, engineering and synthesis of materials
  • Low-energy ion implantation with energies down to 50 eV
  • Surface engineering and phase transformation of materials by plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII)
  • Leibniz Joint Lab: Deterministic single ion implantation currently under development for applications in quantum technologies

Selected publications

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