Ion source development and applications

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Schematic of the setup for thin film deposition using ion beam sputtering. The films can be deposited simultaneously on substrates mounted under different scattering angles.
View into the deposition chamber with ion source and target.
The systematic correlation between refractive index and mass density demonstrates that the thin film properties can be varied in a wide range using ion beam sputter deposition.

Thin film deposition

One application that makes use of ion-solid interaction is ion beam sputter deposition (IBSD) of thin films. Thin films play a vital role in a variety of applications, for example, in optics or electronics. The steadily increasing demands on thin film properties require a deposition technique that allows tayloring thin film properties over a wide range.

Fundamental studies have revealed that process parameters, properties of the film-forming particles and thin film properties are correlated in systematic way. As model systems Ag, Ge, TiO2, SiO2 and ITO have been investigated so far. The scattering geometry and the type of primary ion have been identified as the most influential parameters. Furthermore, it could be demonstrated that a variety of thin film properties can be tuned over a wide range using IBSD, for example, structural properties, composition, surface roughness, stress, mass density, optical properties or electrical conductivity.

  • Tayloring thin film properties by reactive/non-reactive ion beam sputter deposition
  • Materials: Dielectrics, semiconductors, metals, TCO, …
  • Systematic investigation of ion beam sputter deposition processes
  • Assistance for process transfer to industry-scale thin film deposition

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