Ion beam assisted patterning and smoothing

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Figure (1) Principle of procedure
Figure 2: Manufacturing of gratings in Silicon: lamellar grating with a structure height of 5 nm
Figure (3a) and (b) Manufacturing of gratings in Silicon: triangular impulse grating with an edge angle of 0,2°

Fundamentals RIBE (Reactive Ion Beam Etching) - Technology

(Reactive) ion beam etching ((R)IBE) becomes more and more a versatile and indispensable technology step in the fabrication chain of high precision optical elements. An example for the crucial importance of RIBE is the pattern transfer of 3D resist or metal masks into hard optical materials, especially for the fabrication of high-end optical diffraction gratings (see references below).

Apart the investigation of process fundamentals the work is also aimed to the transfer of ready-to-use technologies and products to institutions and commercial enterprises.

  • Proportional and non-proportional pattern transfer into hard optical materials (Figure 1)
  • Materials (examples): Silicon (Si), Quartz glass, Silicon nitride (Si3N4), several other glasses, Zerodur, III-V-semiconductor, optical layer systems, …

  • Etching gases used: Fluroform (CHF3), Tetrafluoromethane (CF4), Oxygen (O2), Argon (Ar), …


For more details see: IOM Biennial Report 2016/17 (Page 18)



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