Ion beam assisted patterning and smoothing

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Transfer of research results

Within the research topic different ion beam assisted technologies are investigated and developed. These technologies are basic tools for the engineering of ultra-precise patterned and ultra-smooth surfaces for various technologically relevant materials, e. g., optical glasses, glass ceramics, oxides, semiconductors, metals, polymers or layer systems consisting of these materials.  Therefore, for the manufacturing of high-end optical elements or devices with accuracy requirements in the range of nanometer or even below (regarding shape, depth accuracy, roughness) such technologies are becoming more and more important. In order to take to take into account the technical developments, the transfer of technologies is a key objective within this research topic.

  • Provesion of the technilogical infrastructure for technology transfer of the developed iom beam technologies

  • Development of strategies and sophisticated motion algorithms for machining of surfaces up to 500 mm Ø

  • Adaption of processing technologies to customer-spezific requirements

  • Sampling and consulting on behalf of customers

  • IOM Application Center / Flyer