Micro- and nanostructuring by means of laser radiation

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Ultra-short pulsed laser material processing machine with rotation unit, roll holder and laser-structured sleeve
Laser-scribed micro-trenches in metal. Here, the silicone-molded microstructure is imaged to enable a better inspection

Applications of laser micromachining

Laser structuring processes integrate well into production processes for the production of locally adapted textures or structures directly in the workpiece material. The laser microstructuring can be applied for mechanical components, electrical circuits, or optical surfaces. In addition to the geometry or topography, it is also possible to locally adjust surface properties such as wettability to hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces.

Furthermore, the linkages to other technical processes are pursued in order to extend specific structural – material - combinations for innovative or low-cost manufacturing approaches. Application-related work is performed in close cooperation with internal or external partners.


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