Micro- and nano structuring by means of laser radiation

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Mechanisms of laser-assisted thin-film patterning processes and examples of scratch morphology for CIGS solar absorber layers

Laser-based scribing of thin films

The microstructuring of thin layers aims to the production of application-specific structures or patterns to increase the functionality of the films. The current work is mainly focused on layers that address optical, optoelectronic and / or electronic applications, whereby important properties of the structures that are produced by laser micromachining are to guarantee. In the focus of the quality requirements are:

  • Precision in dimension, overlay, roughness and registration
  • Structuring with low-damage of the film as well as the substrate
  • Selectivity of the film ablation to the substrate or other films 

Depending on the structuring task, material system and structure / pattern, different laser material processing techniques can be used for this, in order to utilize suitable layer removal mechanisms to realize the target properties.

Main topics are:

  • Scribing of TCO layers
  • Scribing of thin PV films for the integrated interconnection of solar cells for modules
  • Removal and scribing of materials for organic (opto) electronics
  • Microstructuring of functional layers on (transparent) barrier layers


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