Micro- and nano structuring by means of laser radiation

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Hierarchical micro/nano structures: Fabricated here by combining photolithography and laser machining
Laser-cut patterns form a polymer foil with high edge precision
Folded 3D-micro structure with a micropatterned surface of the cube
Laser generated 3D topography by grey tone mask technique without moving the laser spot
LIPSS on nickel cylinder shown over 5 orders of magnitude

Micro- and nano structuring / patterning

The micro- and nano structuring of surfaces and layers is often necessary to improve their functionality according to the application. The investigated structuring processes use deterministic methods of applying pulsed laser radiation by direct writing, mask projection and interference techniques. For sub-micron feature sizes, electrons and focused ion beams can be used alternatively, allowing for minimum dimensions of ~ 20 nm.

The work on laser-based micro structuring is preferably based on laser ablation processes, which enable the removal of almost all materials. According to the available know-how, the most suitable lasers, systems and processing strategies are selected, which are further optimized for the processing task and the application.

The excitation and use of specific, especially secondary processes, such as laser-induced plasmas or shock waves, can be utilized for the ultra-precise structuring and shaping of surfaces. 

Selected fields of investigations are:

  • Ultra-short pulse laser machining of metals
  • 3D micro/nano structuring von polymers
  • Self-organized structures (ripples, LIPSS)
  • Laser-induced reactions for material etching
  • Hierarchical pattern fabrication by laser writing


Selected Publications

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