Ultra-precision figuring with plasmas and ions

Ultra-precision surface shaping by Plasma Jet Machining
Ion Beam Figuring of optical surfaces

In this research area, mechanisms of the interaction of chemically reactive atmospheric pressure plasma jets and low-energy ion beams with surfaces are fundamentally investigated. From this, deterministic processing technologies for the ultra-precise shaping of surfaces up to industrial production chains are developed. The main field of application of the technologies is the production of complex surface shapes such as aspheres and free-form surfaces for ultra-precision optics, which have to be produced with manufacturing tolerances of a few nanometers. These requirements apply to the long-wave shape and the medium-wave structure range as well as the micro roughness. In order to meet these requirements, beam-based processing tools (plasma jet sources, ion beam sources) and their mechanisms of action are being experimentally researched and further developed. The shaping and shape correction of surfaces requires precise measurement technology for shape and roughness measurement. The working group is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring systems. The production of high-precision surfaces usually requires a complex process chain consisting of various individual steps. Such process chains are developed, optimized and adapted to concrete production tasks.

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