Publications 2019

  • P. Ahrens, M. Zander, D. Hirsch, U. Hasse, H. Wulff, F. Frost, F. Scholz,
    Influence of argon ion beam etching and thermal treatment on polycrystalline and single crystal gold electrodes Au(100) and Au(111)
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  • D. Breite, M. Went, A. Prager, M. Kühnert, A. Schulze,
    Charge Separating Microfiltration Membrane with pH-Dependent Selectivity
    Polymers 11 (2019) 3

  • C. Laube, T. Oeckinghaus, J. Lehnert, J. Griebel, W. Knolle, A. Denisenko, A. Kahnt, J. Meijer, J. Wrachtrup, B. Abel,
    Controlling the fluorescence properties of nitrogen vacancy centers in nanodiamonds
    Nanoscale 11 (2019) 1770-1783

  • R.K. Al-Shewiki, M. Korb, A. Hildebrandt, S. Zahn, S. Naumov, R. Buschbeck, T. Rüffer, H. Lang,
    Diaqua-β-octaferrocenyltetraphenylporphyrin: a multiredox-active and air-stable 16π non-aromatic species
    Dalton Trans. 48 (2019) 1578-1585

  • X. Luo, S. Chen, L. Liu, J. Lv, A. Qadir, K. Shehzad, X. Qiao, Y. Xu, L. Kienle, A. Lotnyk, X. Zhang, G. Qian, X. Fan,
    Micron-Scale Photodetectors Based on One-Dimensional Single-Crystalline Sb2-xSnxSe3 Microrods: Simultaneously Improving Responsivity and Extending Spectral Response Region
    J. Phys. Chem. C 123 (2019) 810-816

  • S. Friebe, S.G. Mayr,
    Regeneration of TiO2 Nanotube Arrays after Long-Term Cell and Tissue Culture for Multiple Use - an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy (ESEM) Survey of Adult Pig Retina and beyond
    Biol. Proced. Online 21 (2019) 2

  • R. Das, M. Kuehnert, A.S. Kazemi, Y. Abdi, A. Schulze,
    Water Softening Using Light Responsive Spiropyran Modified Nanofiltration Membrane
    Polymers 11 (2019) 344

  • G. Wang, Y. Zhang, C. Li, A. Lotnyk, Y. Lu, X. Shen,
    Self-Limited Growth of Nanocrystals in Structural Heterogeneous Phase-Change Materials during the Heating Process
    Cryst. Growth Des. 19 (2019) 1356-1363

  • I. Hilmi, A. Lotnyk, J.W. Gerlach, P. Schumacher, B. Rauschenbach,
    Influence of substrate dimensionality on the growth mode of epitaxial 3D-bonded GeTe thin films: From 3D to 2D growth
    Mater. Des. 168 (2019) 107657

  • I. Lacey, R.D. Geckler, A. Just, F. Siewert, Th. Arnold, H. Paetzelt, B.V. Smith, V.V. Yashchuk,
    Optimization of the size and shape of the scanning aperture in autocollimator-based deflectometric profilometers
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90 (2019) 021717

  • M. Deppe, J.W. Gerlach, S. Shvarkov, D. Rogalla, H.-W. Becker, D. Reuter, D.J. As,
    Germanium doping of cubic GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy
    J. Appl. Phys. 125 (2019) 095703

  • S. Glass, M. Kühnert, B. Abel, A. Schulze,
    Controlled Electron-Beam Synthesis of Transparent Hydrogels for Drug Delivery Applications
    Polymers 11 (2019) 501

  • C. Bundesmann, R. Feder, T. Amelal, L. Pietzonka, D. Spemann,
    Tailoring Thin Film Properties by Ion Beam Sputter Deposition
    14. ThGOT Thementage Grenz- und Oberflächentechnik und 6. Kolloquium Dünne Schichten in der Optik, Zeulenroda, 12.-14.03. (2019)

  • G. Mirschel, O. Daikos, T. Scherzer,
    In-line Monitoring of the Thickness Distribution of Adhesive Layers in Black Textile Laminates by Hyperspectral Imaging
    Comput. Chem. Eng. 124 (2019) 317-325

  • B.S. Basel, C. Hetzer, J. Zirzlmeier, D. Thiel, R. Guldi, F. Hampel, A. Kahnt, T. Clark, D.M. Guldi, R.R. Tykwinski,
    Davydov splitting and singlet fission in excitonically coupled pentacene dimers
    Chem. Sci. 10 (2019) 3854-3863

  • C. Bundesmann,
    Schichten mit maßgeschneiderten Eigenschaften
    J. Oberfl. Techn. 59 (2019) 46-49

  • O. Daikos, K. Heymann, T. Scherzer,
    Development of a PLS Approach for the Determination of the Conversion in UV-Cured White-Pigmented Coatings by NIR Chemical Imaging and its Transfer to Other Substrates
    Prog. Org. Coat. 132 (2019) 116-124

  • A. Lotnyk, T. Dankwort, I. Hilmi, L. Kienle, B. Rauschenbach,
    Atomic-scale observation of defects motion in van der-Waals layered chalcogenide based materials
    Scr. Mater. 166 (2019) 154-158

  • X. Liu, Z. Di, P.K. Chu, S. Mändl,
    14th International Conference on Plasma-Based Ion Implantation and Deposition
    Surf. Coat. Technol. 365 (2019) 1

  • S. Mändl, D. Manova,
    Modification of Metals by Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
    Surf. Coat. Technol. 365 (2019) 83-93

  • D. Manova, S. Mändl,
    Dynamic Measurements of Optical Emission during Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
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  • P. Bielytskyi, D. Gräsing, S. Zahn, K.D. Mote, A. Alia, P.K. Madhu, J. Matysik,
    Assignment of NMR resonances of protons covalently bound to photochemically active cofactors in photosynthetic reaction centers by 13C-1H photo-CIDNP MAS-J-HMQC experiment
    J. Magn. Reson. 298 (2019) 64-76

  • S. Riedel, P. Hietschold, C. Krömmelbein, T. Kunschmann, R. Konieczny, W. Knolle, C.T. Mierke, M. Zink, S.G. Mayr,
    Design of biomimetic collagen matrices by reagent-free electron beam induced crosslinking: Structure-property relationships and cellular response
    Mater. Des. 168 (2019) 107606

  • M. Tadsen, R.P. Friedrich, S. Riedel, C. Alexiou, S.G. Mayr,
    Contact guidance by microstructured gelatin hydrogels for prospective tissue engineering applications
    ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11 (2019) 7450-7458

  • M. Ulitschka, J. Bauer, F. Frost, T. Arnold,
    Reactive ion beam etching-based planarization of optical aluminium surfaces
    Proc. SPIE 11032, EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space VI (2019) 110320D

  • C. Bundesmann, T. Amelal,
    Secondary particle properties for the ion beam sputtering of TiO2 in a reactive oxygen atmosphere
    Appl. Surf. Sci. 485 (2019) 391-401

  • L. Jablonowski, T. Kocher, A. Schindler, K. Müller, F. Dombrowski, T. von Woedtke, T. Arnold, A. Lehmann, S. Rupf, M. Evert, K. Evert,
    Side effects by oral application of atmospheric pressure plasma on the mucosa in mice
    PLoS ONE 14 (2019) e0215099

  • A. Delavari, D. Breite, A. Schulze, R.E. Baltus,
    Latex particle rejections from virgin and mixed charged surface
    J. Membr. Sci. 584 (2019) 110-119

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    Biocatalytic Degradation Efficiency of Postconsumer Polyethylene Terephthalate Packaging Determined by Their Polymer Microstructures
    Adv. Sci. 6 (2019) 1900491

  • A. Finzel, F. Koch, G. Dornberg, D. Lehr, F. Frost, T. Glaser,
    Reactive ion beam etching of highly dispersive, high-efficiency transmission gratings for the VIS range
    Opt. Eng. 58 (2019) 092614

  • S. Liedtke-Grüner, C. Grüner, A. Lotnyk, J.W. Gerlach, M. Mensing, P. Schumacher, B. Rauschenbach,
    Crystallinity and texture of molybdenum thin films obliquely deposited at room temperature
    Thin Solid Films 685 (2019) 8-16

  • P. Räcke, R. Staacke, J.W. Gerlach, J. Meijer, D. Spemann,
    Image charge detection statistics relevant for deterministic ion implantation
    J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 52 (2019) 305103

  • A. Holm, S.G. Mayr,
    Thermal and structural properties of the martensitic transformations in Fe7Pd3 shape memory alloys: an ab initio-based molecular dynamics study
    New J. Phys. 21 (2019) 063007

  • A. Lotnyk, T. Dankwort, I. Hilmi, L. Kienle, B. Rauschenbach,
    In situ observations of reversible vacancy ordering process in van der Waals-bonded Ge-Sb-Te thin films and GeTe-Sb2Te3 superlattices
    Nanoscale 11 (2019) 10838-10845

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    Finishing of metal optics by ion beam technologies
    Opt. Eng. 58 (2019) 092612

  • Th. Arnold, J. Bauer, F. Pietag,
    Advancements in Ion Beam Figuring
    Paper Nr. OM4A.6, Proc. OSA Optical Design and Fabrication 2019, Optical Fabrication and Testing, Washington D.C., USA, 10.-12.06. (2019)

  • D. Manova, S. Mändl,
    In situ X-ray diffraction measurements during low energy ion beam nitriding & etching
    Z. Kristallogr. Suppl. 39 (2019) 47

  • M. Behrens, A. Lotnyk, J.W. Gerlach, B. Rauschenbach,
    Vacancy distributions, optical properties and switching mechanisms in epitaxial Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films
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  • M. Mensing, P. Schumacher, C. Grüner, S. Herath, A. Lotnyk, J.W. Gerlach, B. Rauschenbach,
    Ion beam assisted thin film growth using mass separated low-energy nitrogen ions
    Z. Kristallogr. Suppl. 39 (2019) 56

  • S. Liedtke-Grüner, C. Grüner, A. Lotnyk, M. Mensing, J.W. Gerlach, P. Schumacher, B. Rauschenbach,
    Texture formation in obliquely deposited metal thin films
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  • H. Mueller, G. Boehm, Th. Arnold,
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  • J. Bauer, M. Ulitschka, F. Frost, T. Arnold,
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  • M. Ulitschka, J. Bauer, F. Frost, T. Arnold,
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  • M. Schmidt, D. Breite, A. Prager, A. Schulze,
    Bioactive self-cleaning PVDF membrane filters
    Paper Nr. BIO-P126, European Polymer Congress 2019, Heraklion, Greece, 09.-14.06. (2019) 723

  • J. Kolbeck, A. Anders, I. Beilis, M. Keidar,
    Micro-propulsion based on vacuum arcs
    J. Appl. Phys. 125 (2019) 220902

  • S. Zöhrer, A. Anders, R. Franz,
    Influence of Ar gas pressure on ion energy and charge state distributions in pulsed cathodic arc plasmas from Nb-Al cathodes studied with high time resolution
    J. Phys. D.: Appl. Phys. 52 (2019) 055201

  • C. Bundesmann, R. Feder, T. Lautenschläger, D. Spemann, H. Neumann,
    Das Ionenstrahlzerstäuben - Ein bewährtes Abscheideverfahren aus anderen (Streu)Winkeln betrachtet
    Galvanotechnik 110 (2019) 1338-1344

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  • P. Bielytskyi, D. Gräsing, S. Zahn, A. Alia, J. Matysik,
    15N-1H Transfer of Light-Induced Nuclear Hyperpolarization in Frozen Photosynthetic Reaction Centers
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  • D. Gräsing, K. M. Dziubińska-Kühn, S. Zahn, A. Alia, J. Matysik ,
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