Leipziger nanoAnalytikum (LenA)

The main research projects of the Leipziger nanoAnalytikum aim for a detailed understanding of microstructure-property relationships of functional materials. Particular emphasis is put on the application of advanced transmission electron microscopy (TEM) methods, such as aberration-corrected scanning TEM (STEM) and spectroscopy techniques, in materials and surface science. Special interest is devoted to study the real structure of thin film systems, interfaces and nanomaterials at the atomic scale. The TEM investigations are carried out using a probe Cs-corrected  Titan³ G2 60-300 analytical S/TEM equipped with a X-FEG Shottky emitter, Super-X EDX-Detector and GIF Quantum energy filter systems. The samples for TEM studies are prepared using advanced sample preparation techniques such as focused ion beam (FIB) thinning followed by low-energy Ar ion polishing. In addition, a Hitachi 8100 with LaB6 source S/TEM is used for preliminary TEM work and an environmental SEM (ESEM Quanta 250) is applied for the investigation of sample surfaces.


Defect in the lattice of a phase change material
Transmission electron microscope (TEM) for the investigation of nanostructures
Material structure (atomic resolution)