• The IOM is working interdisciplinarily on topics of application-oriented basic research and innovative application development. The aim is to gain new scientific insights as well as implementing these in an economic context.

  • Key competence of the IOM is the modification of surfaces and thin films by ion beam-, electron-, laser- and plasma-techniques. This on the one hand aims at researching and understanding interaction processes. On the other hand modified materials are established in technology fields which are economically relevant and forward-looking.

  • The scientific and technological projects of the IOM aim at cooperations with universities, independent research institutes and industries. This results in excellent scientific research and guarantees a sustainable transfer of scientific knowledge into innovative applications.

  • The IOM is a key partner in the education of students and PhD candidates. Cooperations with universities and technical colleges guarantee an excellent environment for self-motivated, competent graduates thus presenting them with excellent career opportunities.

  • Employees of the IOM use their knowledge and social skills to creatively solve scientific and technological questions. Equal opportunity, non-discrimination, as well as reconciling work and family life are an important part of the institutional culture.

The application-oriented basic research and the development of functional and adaptive surfaces as well as thin films created by the use of ions, electrons, plasma and photons is part of our mission to further the future of society.

Key topics of this mission are

  • the creation of an international centre of excellence in the field of innovative surface modification,
  • the creation of integrated solutions for applications in optical as well as chemical industries, semiconductor technology, engineering and medical technologies,
  • the creation of scientific excellence and far reaching technology transfer into the economy and
  • the consolidation of the competitiveness of cooperating partners.


Phase change material with defect (TEM-Micrograph)