Novel metastable thin film materials through potential energy dissipation during subplantation of multiply charged ions

The microstructure and properties of films are determined by the film material, the conditions of the substrate surface, and the deposition process parameters. When using plasma-based processes, crystalline films can be obtained at relatively low substrate temperature. Commonly the kinetic energy of ions is used to obtained desired structural effects, and this is accomplished by applying bias to the substrate. However, high energetic energy (>100 eV) causes the formation of defects which are often detrimental for film properties and therefore for impede applicability. In this project, we will explore theoretically and experimentally and alternative approach for the growth of novel metastabile materials, namely the utilization of the potential enrgy of ions while utilizing moderate kinetic energies for subplantation.

Duration: 2019-2022
Funding: 966.260,00 Euro
Funding programme: Leibniz-Kooperative Exzellenz
Cooperation partner: RWTH Aachen

Prof. Dr. André Anders
Leibniz Institute of Surface Engineering (IOM)
Department leader Precision Surfaces
Tel.: 49 (0)341 235-2308
E-Mail: andre.anders(at)